Azarath – In Extremis

text: Oscar Wendt


In Extremis

Agonia Records

April 7th, 2017

Intoxicating the Earth for almost 20 years now, Azarath is the beast that is impossible to subjugate. Pure bitterness and disgust flow from each of their album and it doesn’t seem to weaken over the years. And now, April 2017 marks the release of the sixth creation. Behold In Extremis – the Azarath’s filthiest album to date which is brought to us through Agonia Records.

I was expecting In Extremis to be much more similar to its predecessor, Blasphemers’ Maledictions. The new release however, in spite of obvious endeavours making Azarath one of a kind, is much crisper, more uncompromising and even more brimming with the raw hatred (which is hard to believe). Extremely abhorrent vocals of Necrosodom is what strikes you instantly. I like how they are recorded as everything which is good should be exposed properly!

Complex but very defined sections are blasting throughout the album. Azarath has managed to get us used to it but In Extremis really emphasizes that. Let My Blood Become His Flesh is an excellent example. It even touches the border of very technical playing which has been mastered to perfection. This also links it to Inferno’s drumming which is absolutely insane, you easily can sense his incredible skills and years of experience in Behemoth.

Also, don’t expect slowdowns! Hell no! This is Azarath! They don’t bother with breathing spaces. In Extremis is merciless from start to finish and, what is interesting, is difficult to get bored with. After having listened to it several times, I feel this will be back in my player quite. It was exactly the same story with Blasphemers’ Maledictions. Azarath is a very constant band and it’s hard to be disappointed with them.

Azarath doesn’t need to prove anything. Its enormously strong position of a death metal killing machine is fixed for good. In Extremis is a shocking album! This devastating avalanche of anger is unstoppable and your resistance is futile. I don’t want to fall into clichés but this album is an impeccable combination of skills and passion. It really is. In cases like that, I only wonder how high the bar can be raised. Azarath, you have a challenging job with the next album!

Agonia Records


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