October 2015

It’s not a massive discovery that Norway is an absolute champion in producing good black metal bands. However, it still makes me excited when something like Blot comes along. With their debut album, Ilddyrking, the band takes on the proven yet quite impressive approach to music.

Ilddyrking seems to be an album that puts its message through straight away. That’s a definite advantage as it can clearly classify the band and what they want to achieve. There is certainly a Norwegian feel to it which in terms of viking black metal, is for me imperative. The band strongly draws inspiration from the Norwegian metal roots but their inventiveness is noticeable in every song.

It’s not difficult to find any reasons why Ilddyrking is an outstanding album. The short acoustic intro takes into the unconquered land of Blot viciously attacking you from the very start. The traditional perspective of vocals strongly remind me of Taake’s Hoest but this gives the overall feel much more fury. Also, several folk references and tranquil melodies act as a perfect addition to the overall aggression of Ilddyrking. My definite favourite, Fimbulwinter, is a proper black metal track which brings the atmosphere of a ruthless war. I think that this song is a trademark of the band indicating what they are all about. Vikings on the loose are absolutely stepping in and spreading their rage in Fimbulwinter!

Production of Ilddyrking stands out as well. Everything seems to be very crisp and audible. I think it makes the album approachable even for someone a bit sceptical of more viking black metal tunes. They know what they are doing and proving it on their debut album is an immediate success in my opinion.

Also, as a great surprise, my beloved Dissection song has been covered! Where Dead Angels Lie is a quite challenging track to be approached but I must say that Blot did not ruin it at all. They gave it a nice Blot touch and interpreted it in their own way which sounds thrilling. This is what I call a superior supplement of an excellent debut album!

They set the bar reasonably high as for the debut album. I really do hope it’s a sign of the bright future for Blot with a number of great releases to come. Ilddyrking is a foretaste of Blot’s potential and excellent musicianship that, I hope, will soon be appreciated by the broader audience.



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