Brutal Assault preview

1. Sólstafir – Rismál

This song features one of the most beautiful Sólstafir riffs in my opinion. I really want to see them live and hear the new songs from the outstanding recent album – Ótta. It is a shame because on the day when I leave for Prague, they are playing in my little town… in an actual CHURCH. Anyway, the Brutal Assault performance will have to be enough for me now.

2. Marduk – Panzer Division Marduk

Marduk will play the mighty Panzer Division in its entirety for the last time! Pure war destruction awaits! However, I do hope to hear some extra songs as well – stuff from their latest Frontschwein sounds amazing live.

Panzer Division Marduk needs no introduction and, in fact, it’s one of my first black metal albums which got me into the spirit of the genre years ago. Although my taste evolved quite massively, I still feel that power and intransigence of this particular opus. It remains the black metal landmark for me and it certainly defines the essence of the genre to some extent.

3. Agalloch – Hallways of Enchanted Ebony

This will certainly be one of the most important shows for me at this year’s edition of the festival. With its unbelievable atmosphere, Agalloch is definitely one of my favourite American outfits. I really do hope that the band will have a chance to play at night not to have its spirit ruined by the daylight.

4.Blood Red Throne– Hymn of the Asylum

My taste for death metal is rather selective but Blood Red Throne is definitely into my liking! They will give the festival some good Norwegian vibes! If you like Decapitated, you will certainly love Blood Red Throne.

5.Primordial– Gods to the Godless

I think that A. Averill holds one of the most powerful and inspirational clean voices in the metal scene which always turns out flawless live. After the phenomenal last year’s album, it’s time to revisit one of my favourite older songs of Primordial. Gods to the Godless seemed to have been written as a live song because it gives the band so much magnetism on stage! It will be great to see Primordial again at the grounds of Fortress Josefov.

6.KYPCK– Stalingrad

Finnish doom metal in Russian? KYPCK will certainly attract all those who like slow and gloomy sections and, in fact, quite industrial atmosphere. I think their first release, Черно (Cherno), is definitely worth attention although the band seemed to have maintained a very good level on the next two albums as well. Check them out at the festival!

7.Outre – Chant 6 – Vengeance

Here is the reason why it’s worth staying awake until the very end of the festival! And it’s the solid reason! Outre, releasing the first full-length album earlier this year, is definitely one of the most exciting debuting bands this year presenting the fascinating approach to black metal. Make sure to be there to see that Polish metal does not consist only of Decapitated and Vader at Brutal Assault! Check out this clip and the sick vocals by Stawrogin!

8.God Dethroned– Under the Darkening Sky

I can’t remember the last time I got so in love with a new band for me. God Dethroned will certainly be one of my favourite new bands this year. I don’t know why but I didn’t have a chance to listen to them before and now I know what I was missing. Every record has something extraordinary about itself and each release is different but they nicely add up to the coherent discography. I was wondering which song to choose, the old as much as new records are brilliant but this will be the first ome that came to my attention.

9. Sunn O)))– Big Church

Sunn O))) will be the show which I am most curious about. Is that atmosphere going to be recreated live when playing at the open air festival? Let’s find out…

10.Candlemass– Bewitched

Yes, I finally got into Candlemass. A little bit. Some of the older songs are truly magnificent and it will be great to hear them live. I want them to sound raw as hell!

Interesting fact: The video of Bewitched, which by the way is as funny as most of the late ’80 metal videos, features the infamous Dead of Mayhem (around 4:25 in the back).

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