Diabolizer – Apokalypse (MCD)

text: Oscar Wendt


Apokalypse (MCD)

Third Eye Temple

July 8th, 2016

You might have not associated Turkey with a strong death metal scene but Diabolizer may make you reconsider this. Formed in 2012 and spawning a single Shadows of Impending Decimation in the same year, this Turkish quintet is something to bring your ears to the slaughter! The band’s first MCD, Apokalypse, appeared back in July this year through Third Eye Temple, but it’s only now I’m having a chance to discover this hidden jewel.

When blasting a death metal record, I always expect it to attack me straight in the face with no warning. I always leave the atmospheric intros for black metal. And oh yeah, Apokalypse will not let you know, ‘hey, I’ll be cruel in a second, wait for it!‘, it will simply tear you to pieces instantly. That’s what I call a good start. As soon as the first track, Process the Void finishes, you are just gasping for air but, ironically, wanting more and more of that Diabolizer brutality.

Vocals are something that certainly needs to be singled out! Is it Turkey or is it the deepest abyss of Hell? I’m not sure but Abomination Demonseed’s vocals sound extremely professional and convincing. They seem to play an important role in the whole Apokalypse creation and that’s always welcome when something is done so well.

If you hope that Apokalypse will give you a short moment of breath, forget it. That’s not what this album is about. Drop everything and go insane! Constant energy is overwhelming and I must say that most of the guitar parts are really engaging as well. The shredding solo in Hammer of Diabolization is one of those nice additions to the whole form, which is not imposing at all, but acts rather as a spontaneous ornament.

Apokalypse finishes with two tracks from the aforementioned 2012 single album. You can definitely hear the connection, however I think that the new tracks are a big leap forward for Diabolizer in terms of not only the sound, but also the song writing. Both Beneath the Skullthrone and Decend into Desolation indicate a fantastic start for the band for sure!

I love surprises like that. Inconspicuous bands that turn out to be that good always please the most. Murder and devilry in its purest form! If this MCD is an omen of the approaching full-length album I really can’t wait to hear this Diabolizer atrocity and quality on full scale! Apokalypse is a definite must-have in your collection if you appreciate the Devil and identify yourself with Hell.

Third Eye Temple


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