The Devil Inside

Old Temple / Godz ov War Productions

February 28th, 2015

After being formed in 2003, in Gliwice, Poland, Embrional managed to released one full-length album and now they want to destroy everything with their latest creation – The Devil Inside, released by Godz Ov War Productions & Old Temple. With the amount of catchy riffs limited to the minimum, the album focuses more on experimenting with tempos and the general structure of songs. The effort put to the recording is questionless and I think it is a massive improvement for the band. It it also great to see Embrional’s determination to follow their established path and master it as much as possible. The Devil Inside is much more uniform than rather chaotic previous work which, in spite of that, had a lot of exceptional character indeed.

After a short intro you get a very definite entrance with Evil’s Mucus which is immediately defining the band. Strong vocals stand on the verge of black and death metal aesthetics and, for me, are a certain merit of Embrional in general. Also, frequent black metal overtones give the band some extra personality. Funeral March is an incredibly complex track with a captivating shredding solo and some nice drum work. The Abyss features a fantastic intro riff and numerous tempo changes forming into a very intriguing composition. Necessity of the thirty-two second instrumental Sadness is arguable, however it leads you to the longest track on the album – In Darkness. Again, quite tasteful combination of varied tempos and technical experiments is hitting you straightaway. Other songs nicely blend with the rest of The Devil Inside, and the energy in the ending of Madman’s Curse is uncompromising. Venom contains the most interesting riffs mixed with the more progressive passages. Although it’s a full-length, forty three minute opus, it feels very short as if you just wanted more and more. I think it says a lot about the record.


Old Temple
Godz ov War Productions

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