Escarnium – Interitus

text: Dawid Krosnia



Testimony Records

October 14th, 2016

Escarnium is a Brazilian force that brings death and destruction with their second full-length album, Interitus which is going to be released in mid-October by the Testimony Records. They’ve kept us waiting four years since the highly acclaimed underground worldwide debut release – Excruciating Existence. Between the two records, they managed to record a split with Incarceration, a single and complication that included their early songs and three never released tracks. It looks like Escarnium tend to keep themselves busy and to my liking, it’s not a seasonal band. The commitment and passion speaks throughout their musical offerings.

Interitus is a massive step forward and improvement in every way possible. I’m not saying that their debut was crap, it was bloody fantastic and very promising but in my opinion they needed some time to mature as musicians and develop their ideas. The album’s opening track is a short intro – The Horror, and after that comes While The Furnace Burns. This song will give you instant smack in your face. The biggest and the most brutal death metal hurricane you’ve ever witnessed is about to penetrate your brain with old school riffs, sensational growling and Nestor Carrera’s frantic and expeditious drumming. Next up is a mixed tempo song, Starvation Death Process that will bring you misanthropic and nihilistic experiences into your happy life. You can hear a lot of Swedish influence but played with exotic Brazilian ‘rotten freshness‘. Amazingly combined brutal and chunky riffs which work perfectly with all the melodic parts throughout this song. Radioactive Doom and Omnis Mortuus Est Interitus are pure examples why the best and the most hypersonic death metal comes from Brazil. The rage and annihilating madness in these two songs crashed and destroyed my soul and ears in the most barbaric way possible.

I can go on and on about how superbly amazing this album is. I can write about every song separately but I won’t. You need to listen to this record yourself and embrace the violent storm which is called Escarnium. The intensity, precision and fierceness is beyond everything that you’ve ever heard this year. Interitus is a must-have for every die-hard death metal fan.

Testimony Records


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