Felched by the Goat

text: Oscar Wendt

Felched by the Goat

New Wave of Black Beastiality Metal

Goat Lover Records

September 19th, 2017

Felched by the Goat is not an easy project to deal with. That’s a fact. It’s also difficult to classify. This peculiar creation has been brought to my attention more than a year ago and since then, I was not able to fully work it out. As the creator says: ‘more goat, less guilt‘, and I think this is a perfect invitation to make yourself familiar with the latest release – New Wave of Black Beastiality Metal.

After the intro you still don’t know what type of music to expect. The first thing, however, you notice already in the first track, are the vocals straight from the psychiatric ward. Also, after spending some time with the album, I can say that Gettin’ Wood remains one of my favourite compositions on the entire album. Some really cool blues and groovy references in Orgy of Decay work really well too. And yes, sex noises are always welcome…

The album continues to explore some bizarre regions of music. Certificate of Embracing Satan sounds like it just couldn’t properly start but it adds a little more black metal character to the album. I think, however, that Felched by the Goat generally works better with groovy tunes which are far more enjoyable on the album.

Some mantric and ceremonial elements give the album a certain ritualistic feel (Coprophages’ Communion or Black Goat Seed). Not sure what kind of ritual that would be but I would have to carefully consider my will to participate in it. I might be a strange person myself but some songs are simply too weird even for me. There is, however, a great deal of compositions that present a little less experimental character and are great to listen to. Nicely combined with those creepy and distinctive vocals, some tracks are very catchy and scary at the same time. I don’t think I have encountered a similar combination before.

That me be more or less surprising to you but there is a lot of goat and Satan references that, just like sex noises, are always welcome. As if New Wave… was not weird enough, you get to songs with titles like Ouija Board Said Felch, which is actually a cool song with, again, some likeable blues/rock overtones. Also, some songs touch on drone/noise music regions and that may be why this is not an everyday album for me. It really requires a specific aura and mood to be properly enjoyed. The album finishes with So I Entered Hell, which sounds like something that would be played to scare the shit out of children at night. Really. Try it. New Wave… also features the second CD with some live recordings that include previous songs of Felched by the Goat.

Felched by the Goat is funny, perverted and unusual which certainly places it on the pedestal of eccentric formations. After listening to album several times, I still struggle to classify it. Which is good, very good indeed. It is the album to be adjusted to, not understood. New Wave… sounds a little bit more thought-through than the previous offerings in general but I think the best way to sum it up is to quote the interview that we did with Felcher Goat last year:

– Have you thought about playing in a psychiatric ward?

– Like The Cramps, you mean? Well, if someone books us, why not?


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