…For the Devil Speaks the Truth

text: Oscar Wendt


…For the Devil Speaks the Truth

Immortal Frost Productions

November 28th, 2016

Originated in Malta and relocated to Sweden later, Khaospath is a sinister creation with a clearly established character. Having released the debut album in 2014 – Synagoga Obscura, the trio is raiding once again with the new offering, …For the Devil Speaks the Truth, released at the end of November through Immortal Frost Productions.

The thing that has struck me with …For the Devil Speaks the Truth upon the first listen is quite an interesting combination of ruthless black metal with heavy metal overtones. The first track, Verbis Diaboli, is just a perfect example. Some heavy metal solos in the middle of the song are nothing you could expect there. And the change of vocals is very interesting as well. Hellcommander Vargblod seems to have mastered different techniques which all work the Khaospath.

Kaospath’s rather raw and uncompromising production certainly gives the album an underground feel. …For the Devil Speaks the Truth is a manifestation of the most primitive emotions and this is exactly how Khaospath should be perceived as a band. I can’t sense any hesitation in the music which validates …For the Devil Speaks the Truth as a genuine album with an evil message. Quick look at the album’s lyrics also reveals that this is the Devil indeed who speaks the truth…

The way the song structures are built leaves you with doubt – you are dealing with a black metal band. Minimalistic and ‘straight in your face‘ approach to song writing is also something that seems to do Khaospath some favours. No hidden tricks, everything is served on the plate ready to be consumed and absorbed. A Blade at the Edge of Sanity remains, I think, my favourite track, however each song features something interesting instead of being a futile composition to fill in the album. The Stench of Betrayal is another great example of spontaneous and subtle heavy metal connotations.

Khaospath with …For the Devil Speaks the Truth breaks some standards, this is quite clear. The raw production of the album and the underground overtone are combined into something which cannot make you indifferent to. I think that the 2016 opus is a definite improvement in comparison to Synagoga Obscura which was simply morbid to the bone. …For the Devil Speaks the Truth is definitely something that all black metal fans should notice and Khaospath surely stays on my radar for the next exploits.

Immortal Frost Productions


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