From the Vastland – Chamrosh

text: Oscar Wendt

From the Vastland


Immortal Frost Productions

September 26th, 2016

Iranian/Norwegian black metal? Well, that’s certainly an interesting start! Being a one man band led by Sina, Iranian guy living in Norway, From the Vastland is a venture which existed since 2010 and is now releasing the 4th full length album – Chamrosh. I just had a listen to it and let me tell you, this is a hell of an album! But let’s start from the beginning!

The album has been produced entirely by Sina himself with the help of Tjalve (also in Den Saakaldte) and Spektre (also as Vyl in Keep of Kalessin) playing bass and drums respectively. So what is the final outcome of this cooperation? It’s great to hear that the Norwegian feel strikes you with the first seconds of Chamrosh and stays with you more less to the end of it. There are, however, a lot of treats waiting to get your precious attention.

Compositions circle around a lot of blasting moments yet not losing the precious slow and atmospheric sections. My favourite one, the title track, is the compendium of Chamrosh embracing most of its elements into one uniform concept. It features that fantastic momentous recess in the middle of the song which musically refers a bit more to the band’s themes – Zoroastrianism, Persian Mythology and Mesopotamia. It acts as a great extension of the band perfectly enriching its final form and how Chamrosh can be perceived. You also have to add the encouraging and really professional production which makes the album sound smooth and convex. What I mean by this is the fact that you can easily get the most of it being able to hear all the instruments quite nicely instead of losing energy for, what I call, ‘the sound search’.

Varied vocal styles ranging from black metal moans to death metal-ish grunts are another enhancement of Chamrosh. They sound more like thought trough stylistic operation rather than random sounds coming from Sina’s throat. Very much an advantage of the album! It also must be said that From the Vastland doesn’t feature novices. All the album’s elements form a very professional act which is always great to observe!

I’m sure that Chamrosh won’t get lost within the plains of the same mediocre black metal albums which tend to flood the scene these days. You can easily tell that Sina has a lot to say with this production and that From the Vastland seems to be a very attractive and culturally enriched project. When I discover bands like that, I always want to see them live to establish if that engagement doesn’t get lost on the stage. One day, hopefully one day…

Immortal Frost Productions
From the Vastland


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