God Dethroned – The World Ablaze

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God Dethroned

The World Ablaze

Metal Blade Records

May 5th, 2017

Once again, I’m ashamed to not know this band. God Dethroned is a familiar name, yet I never had the occasion to listen to their music. The only thing I know from the band members is Prostitute Disfigurement, in which their drummer and a former guitarist played. Their death metal, tinged with melodic thrash, is quite far away from what the other band could provide. Yet, the Netherlands have nothing to prove in terms of death metal, and now, I will test this statement with a ‘new‘ band to me.

This album, The World Ablaze, is the third of a trilogy dedicated to World War I that started with Passiondale in 2009. Due to various problems, the band was stopped and reactivated, hence the delay (the second one, Under the Sign of the Iron Cross, was released in 2010). Despite this period of break, those who knew and liked the two other albums won’t be particularly surprised. The combo proceeds between thrashy aggressiveness and death riffs and solos. Each song has a regular format, lasting between 4 and 6 minutes and composed of verses, chorus, bridges… The major difference between this third album and Passiondale is the removal of clean voices. I won’t complain about this choice as even the too melodic moments of The World Ablaze tend to annoy me sometimes. Not being a huge fan of melo death is OK with God Dethroned as their recipe is well balanced, but The World Ablaze falls into the more brutal and straight-forward approach of their music. Not everybody might like it, but that’s a choice I respect and appreciate.

On the other hand, The World Ablaze stays too conventional. Having a long and prolific career didn’t allow the band to leave beaten tracks. One can easily think of other bands while listening to them (Bolt Thrower or the latest Hypocrisy albums for example). As aforementioned, the format won’t ever surprise the listener and people knowing the band will find them where they left them. As I said, I discovered the band for this review, and I can’t tell which album is which if I’m not told so. Only the clean vocals help differentiating them.

To conclude, I’d say that God Dethroned provides good, clean, effective and pleasant albums. The World Ablaze doesn’t depart from its peers, which is a compliment as much as a reproach. I’m convinced that these songs deserve to be played live, as they must express themselves at their full extent on stage.


God Dethroned
Metal Blade Records


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