Varathron, Horna, Grave Miasma, Tortorum, Fides Inversa

2nd of May 2015

The Dome, London, UK

The Saturday’s rite, gathering the reasonably sized audience, brought an interesting aura to The Dome as the multinational selection of bands has risen the true hell on stage. Italy’s Fides Inversa were the most surprising act for me that night. I was not aware of the band before but they definitely captured me in their spirit. Their rather professional approach and the onstage ritual set the right atmosphere of what was to come. I enjoyed Bergen’s Tortorum more than when I saw them at Blastfest earlier this year, however their show still didn’t really get to me. The number of chaotic blasts was although subdued by slow passages which were definitely working well for the band. I think I need to see them again to appreciate them in the full force. It was also the second time when I had a chance to experience locally based Grave Miasma. The scents immediately set the proper ambience and the band’s deep sound was overwhelming. All the elements of the show created the great background for yet another ritual. The Finnish icon, Horna, served the best dose of destruction that night. I haven’t seen them live before so I was all in the excited mood before they started. And I was not disappointed! In spite of the fact that I was expecting a little bit more orthodox tone, it seemed to be put to the background allowing me to focus solely on the music. My favourite Kun Synkkä Ikuisuus Avautuu and the perfect live song Black Metal Sodomy, were highlights of the concert that sent me back to the spirit of the black metal’s primitive roots. In terms of the headlining Varathron, I must say I was not a fan of the band but I think it has changed a little after the show. Bringing the Hellenic darkness to The Dome, the band bombarded me with a good quantity of compelling riffs which kept me focussed on the stage. Even the more rock/metal overtones came out really good live and it certainly made me interested more in the band.


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