Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil

text: Dawid Krosnia


Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil

Satanath Records

June 16th, 2016

Do you remember the day, when you played for the first time the Deicide’s, Serpents of the Light album or Behemoth’s Thelema.6 record? I remember that day very clearly. The uneasy feeling, filling my whole body, the experience of something true and unholy, something dangerous lyrically and musically. I remember my teenage body shaking after a listen to these records for the first time. I wasn’t sure, if or when, I will have a chance to hear something as dangerous and dirty ever again. But Brazilian Coldblood, they’ve done it! Hats down, horns up to the blasphemous trio from the Rio de Janeiro.

‘God is Dead, Hail Satan Lives’, this is how the new record Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil begins. The opening track is an instant punch in your face. From the first moments, you’re exposed to the purest underground death metal offering in the old school style. It’s hard to talk or write about each song individually because there is no one bad song on this album. Musically my first impressions were that the guitars are simple and predictable but extremely heavy, like in the aforementioned Deicide album. To my surprise, Artur and Diego managed to pull so many tempo changes in each song that makes this record so different to any other death metal release in the last decade. There is no room for boredom. Markus’ drum skills are very impressive too, his drumming abilities are a perfect match for the highly skilled guitar work presented on this album. The vocals on this album are very Glen Benton like, which works superbly well.

I’m fed up listening to the bands who try to replicate the early American death metal sound, without giving something extra. This is definitely not the case for the Coldblood guys. They’ve originally formed in 1992, after three demos, their first album has seen the daylight in 2007, followed by the unforgettable second LP, Chronology of Satanic Events in 2013.This type of death metal suits me and my ears perfectly.

I like the fact that they’ve stayed true to themselves and the scene. I like the fact that they’re not politically correct and they like write anti-christian lyrics. I can relate to them, Brazilians and Polish metalheads are forced to live in the society ruled by the Catholic Church. From the moments you’re born, you are expected to worship Jesus and his mother Mary. There is too many bands right know who sing about zombies, war and cosmic matters. Anti-religious bands are far more brutal and interesting, especially when they are coming from countries where religious presence is unavoidable.

If I had to point out a couple of songs from the Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil worth checking out before you purchase this album is the title opening track as well as, Darkness Above the Firmament, The Synchrony of the Cursed Star and Metaphysical Evil. These one certainly bear the trademark of Coldblood.

photo: Coldblood

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