Insidius – Shadows of Humanity


Shadows of Humanity


April 29th, 2016

Having formed in 1990, Insidius might not be the new army but 2016 belongs to them with their first album shaped and ready to strike hard. Shadows of Humanity is a death metal manifest which rises above the Earth surface 26 years after the Insidius was spawned. So what did those Poles come up with?

I must say that I am a big fan of albums which define themselves immediately. Shadows of Humanity is one of those records that introduces itself very quickly. After the heavy and enigmatic intro, the opening guitar builds up the tension nicely having you listening to it carefully while waiting for that bang. And there it is! I Become You hits unexpected, determining the path of Insidius direction.

Shadows of Humanity is the new old, you could say. I tried to avoid this cliché but well, the album is strongly rooted in the past. There is a lot of nineties in the music but, at the same time, it still sounds fresh and inventive. This is a verified and working combination and, if done well, it can get a band really high.

The whole record features a great deal of incredibly catchy riffs which quickly get stuck in your head. The fast and mid-paced parts work together perfectly making Shadows of Humanity diversified and, basically, easy to get engaged with. Songs like Spectre or The Uprising punch you with intensity and the aforementioned haunting riffs.

Insidius definitely did the great job with blending the old and new. Those guys seem to be really involved in what they’re doing and you can hear that in music. Bringing the solid portion of quality death metal, the band deserves much more recognition and I hope that Shadows of Humanity is an indication of the things to come.



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