Norges Nasjonaldag

1. Thyruz – Dødsriket

Can there be a better way of celebrating than starting with the band from Eidsvoll, where the Constitution was signed in 1814? Behold Thyruz! Here is the song from their latest album, Svik released last year.

2. Windir – Kampen

Windir just can’t be omitted while celebrating the Norway’s National Day! It has got so much Norwegian character. Windir is a huge part of the country’s heritage for me. All the albums are done to a similarly high standard making Windir’s music really respectable piece of work.

Hail the warrior! Hail Norge!

3. Trelldom – Disappearing of the Burning Moon

Trelldom is one of those bands for me with the most classic Norwegian sound. No embellishments, just pure black metal! Cold and grim aura combined with raw guitar riffs can even make the burning moon disappear… Trelldom is one of the first projects Gaahl was involved in and until now, it still remains the finest piece of Norwegian heritage. This version of the song comes from the band’s 1994 demo, the rerecorded one can be found on the first full-length album – Til Evighet…

4. Kampfar – Hymne

There’s not much that has to be said about Kampfar on that day. Going very well with the Windir spirit, Kampfar is a perfect accent on the 17th of May. Hymne must be my all time favourite track from their discography and I will use that opportunity to quote some great lyrics as well:

‘Ask vet jeg reise seg
Yggdrasil kalt
Kvit aur uses over treet
Derfra kommer dogg
Som i daler faller
Staar evig grunnover urd kjelda’

5. Glittertind – Rolandskvadet

Something in a different spirit now. In spite of my fondness of black metal, this is actually Glittertind who spawned in me the interest to Norway in general. I remember how I fell in love with the language and culture when I first heard Glittertind. And especially Rolandsvadet is of great atmosphere quite well fitting in the Norwegian folk music in my opinion. I like the way they experiment with music, constantly changing and evolving. Although they concentrate on a different music area now, I still love them and I always will as I owe a lot to Glittertind. Thanks guys!

6. Hades – Hades (Queen of Hades)

Hades, oh almighty Hades! This is a definite candidate for today! Hades, perfectly embracing the Bathory essence has risen over years to become one of the icons in Norwegian black metal. Again Shall Be album is a categorical classic so let’s celebrate together with Hades!

And don’t forget you will be able to see Hades Almighty live in Bergen at BlekkMetal festival in November. It is a perfect way to appreciate Bergen and absorb its rich musical culture.

7. Myrkgrav – Olav Tryggvason

So the celebration is slowly coming to an end and it’s time for some Myrkgrav. The band, and Olav Tryggvason song in particular, will always remind me of my frequent travels to Bergen. Oh, how happy I was when I discovered Myrkgrav. This was exactly what I was looking for – perfect combination of black metal with folk/viking overtones. I always listen to Myrkgrav while flying to Norway which really puts me in a good mood. I wish this project was a live band…

8. Taake – Nattestid Ser Porten Vid VII

You didn’t think I would miss Taake, did you? I left the best for last. Taake will always have a special place in my heart and as one of my favourite acts live, I think it is the ultimate candidate for the 17th of May. I always liked the fact that anything that Hoest has done had its own unique tone yet consisting of multiple common factors. Any song from Nattesid Ser Porten Vid has got a strong Norwegian spirit which I was trying to share in all the songs today.

Gratulerer med dagen Norge!

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