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The summer has come to an end. The month of October is already here, which only means that the darker and colder days followed by the miserable looking evenings, filled with clandestine and esoteric nights are upon us. Of course, it’s to my full satisfaction. During these pleasurable and gratifying autumnal and wintery months I usually have a strong desire to find new and exciting musical projects to fulfil my never ending hunger for black metal art.

Few weeks ago, I was approached by a Polish musician, going by the name of Grief. He explained that he was responsible for the one-man black metal project called Nyctophilia. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with the name of his band or his musical influences. Grief offered to send me his latest album to check it out and see what I would think about it. As promised, the latest Nyctophilia record, Dwelling in the Fullmoon Light was delivered as well as the latest split with Canadian black metal one-man project, Nachteule, called Errance Hivernale / Gdzie Noc Jest Najczarniejsza. It took me a couple of weeks to get around to play them both. Both of the releases included a special message to me written in his own blood. That was definitely a sign of dedication and uniqueness. I’m only gutted that I left so long to get my head around to listen to both the productions because they’re simply musically captivating.


Dwelling in the Fullmoon Light


June 6th, 2017

I’m not the biggest fan of the atmospheric black metal style but Nyctophilia got my full attention from the first moments of the Dwelling in the Fullmoon Light record. Soon after a short intro, here comes the first song on the album, As Nothing Remains Here. The beginning of this track is mid-tempo but after a few moments all we get is a fast and furious black metal portion of unholy treatment. The vocals are incredible. They are fucking possessed. I haven’t heard voice like that in a while. There’s something evil and unsettling in Grief’s voice. Same sort of mood continues throughout the whole album really. Musically, the album is arranged in a way that you’ll never get bored. The amount of tempo changes in each track keeps you on your toes. When listening to this album I have many different emotions running through my head. There’s nothing pretty about it. Each track contains this dirtiness and lack of positivity. The atmosphere of abhorrence and suffering is almost tangible. This is one of the ugliest musical offerings I’ve heard this year. Few songs that definitely stand out on this record are, Everdarkness Returns, Ghosts of Unending Suffering and the title track. If you are up for some crazy good black metal this is the album you have to listen to this fall. The album was released independently so hit the Lord of Grief with your orders and you won’t be disappointed.

Nachteule / Nyctophilia

Errance Hivernale / Gdzie Noc Jest Najczarniejsza (split)

Wolfspell Records

July 20th, 2017

As mentioned before I’ve also received a split that came out this year under Wolfspell Records which contains four songs from Nyctophilia and three other songs from the Canadian, Nachteule. The first we get to hear on that split is Nachteule’s songs. I’m not in love with Noctis style of playing. Each track begins with a long atmospheric and ambient style intros which I think I like the most from these three songs. The black metal elements of these songs didn’t make me jump out of my seat. Nyctophilia’s tracks once again bring a satisfying listening experience. There’s something special about Grief’s style. He manages to reach deep down to my soul and bring out the most negative emotions I’ve ever experienced in my life. What I like as well that three out the four tracks are in Polish language as well. It helps me relate to the filthiness of this music even better.

Overall I’m quite impressed with what Nyctophilia brings to the table. Well produced albums as well as interesting musical ideas. I don’t like to compare anyone’s music to other bands but all I’d say that these two releases would most definitely please any Graveland fan for sure.

Wolfspell Records


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