Ghost Chants

Old Temple / Godz ov War Productions

April 14th, 2015

Outre’s EP album, released in 2013 might have been a forecast of real Tranquillity, however the band’s different approach on their debut record is at least surprising.

Their first album Ghost Chants, released through Godz Ov War Productions, is a very strong arrival to the scene, leaving me with no doubt about the band’s prospering future. Featuring none other than Stawrogin on vocals, Ghost Chants is an opus which, against all odds, contains a multifaceted structure. After the mesmerizing and very atmospheric intro, you get a dose of frenzied black metal on a professional level. Shadow is an amazingly successful attempt to condense different aspects of black metal with vocals reminding me at times of Atilla’s theatrical way. Also, what’s worth noticing, lyrics are outstanding, freshly drawing attention to the subject matter of religion and desolation. The Fall strikes with a forceful and doom-ish beginning soon to be turned into proper black metal havoc. At this stage you are able to realize that a word ‘mesmerizing’ will be the best to describe Ghost Chants. Indeed, the album really has got something enthralling, an even more developed feeling which you experience listening to, for example, Ascension, which Outre’s atmosphere reminds me of. Just with better vocals and more interesting riffs. Lament shows a bit more experimental approach, however featuring excellent drum blasts. I think it is an extensive overview of the band’s ‘know-how’ in terms of music. The next chant, Equilibrium is a brilliant interlude perfectly combining two last songs with the rest of the album. Very relaxing in nature, it is a calm before storm, because what is going on in Vengeance can only be described in such a way. The never ending blast leads the listener to the end of the Outre’s story, I think my favourite Arrival. Unbelievably atmospheric beginning of the song builds up its ambience and with Stawrogin’s amazingly varied vocal attitude, is the perfect ending of the the album.

Ghost Chants proved that Outre is a very prospering outfit, slowly making its position in the Polish black metal scene. Now, I just need to see if the unbelievable atmosphere is not lost during live performances.

Also, it’s worth checking the physical copy in the special edition as it is remarkably released.


Old Temple
Godz ov War Productions

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