Raping the Symbol of Humanity

Mental Disaster

Raping the Symbol of Humanity


You may not associate Norway with the strong death/thrash metal scene, but you are not probably aware of what hides in the deep abyss of depravity and perversion. But this is how it is – the evil usually attacks unexpected. Yes, the Norwegian quartet of Mental Disaster is ready to sodomize your ears again with the second opus – Raping the Symbol of Humanity.

Does Mental Disaster equal the music disaster? Quite the opposite! Obviously, the first thing that attacks you visually is the strong and unvarnished cover which, just like in case of the first album, clearly speaks for the band’s standpoint. Sometimes simple is the best and the band seems to remember about that. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover‘, it has been once said… You certainly can in this case! Don’t worry though, there is an adequate music package coming with that. And it’s quite a good one I must say. If you add to it track titles like Post-apocalyptic Bumfight or Cavedwelling Manwhore, it does make the album intriguing on the first contact. I guess…

Raping the Symbol of Humanity does sound raw and more technical in comparison to its predecessor, Let the Demon Speak. Does it work in favour of the album? It does to certain extent. Mental Disaster’s newest musical effort sounds somehow more natural. It’s obviously quick and brutal and that’s what matters! The band gets straight to the point with the title track which features some great quick sections. It definitely encourages you to continue listening. Thoughts of Rot… Thoughts of Hell has got this wow factor with the structural and technical beginning to be quickly transformed into the ultimate havoc.

Vocals seem to be recorded a little better than on Let the Demon Speak. Being a bit more exposed, they accompany the music almost perfectly. It’s also worth noticing that the vocals are rather diverse which makes the album more… well… colourful? No, that’s probably not the right word for Mental Disaster but you get the point!

There might me several points of reference to the earlier Blood Red Throne, but I think that Mental Disaster guys are trying to search for the sound that suits them the best and which can establish the band and its, let’s say, trademark. Raping Symbols of Humanity is void of unnecessary contraptions and that, I think, makes is more digestible. Again, maybe that doesn’t sound right but you know what it’s about. The package that you get with Raping Symbols of Humanity makes me really curious about Mental Disaster’s further activity.

It might be a shorter album than Let the Demon Speak but it surely isn’t less valuable. Raping the Symbol of Humanity shows the development path for Mental Disaster which makes me understand that Norway is not only about black metal. Good!


Mental Disaster

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