text: Oscar Wendt


Peace is the Greatest Lie ov All


June 2016

Being a new player in the UK death metal scene, Soulphernus grew out of nowhere and very swiftly released the first demo – Peace is the Greatest Lie ov All. Five tracks, each one with a certain musical story to tell and bearing the quintessence of hatred and grudge. So, as a new outfit, what does Soulphernus have to grace your ears and minds?

The very first offering brings a strong and possessed opening riff featuring some engaging slowdowns. This powerful start fills you with hope and makes you interested in the album for sure. Vocal styles vary quite a lot. From frantic screams to Archgoat-like deep and incomprehensible growls. You have it all! I must say I quite like that kind of spoken parts in Religious Genocide. It gives the song more sublime atmosphere which I always admire. This put together with the berserk blast gives a really cool combination and, in fact, my favourite part of Soulphernus‘ debut release. It begins with a classic death metal riff soon to be revamped into the real chaotic bloodbath with some good energy. Oh yeah!

Heavy and raw passages throughout the album are rather nicely composed and it’s difficult to get bored with them – there is a lot of potential live material, that’s for sure! Also, good tempo changes have a certain impact on the album’s perception and that you can’t consider it lifeless.

Bring them to the altar! Let me taste their fear! Let them taste the blade! The hellfire awaits! – You read in the Desolation ov the Weak. There is a certain extent of aggression to Soulphernus which makes you feel uneasy and disturbed. The level of human antipathy is also reaching its higher regions which makes the demo really genuine as a musical creation.

Okay, the recording itself might leave something to be desired, however, I think it is some good effort to be put into a demo. Sounding a little bit flat and two dimensional at times, Peace is the Greatest Lie ov All makes up for it with a good collection of really interesting death metal riffs and marvellous composition of the songs. It all makes me think that Soulphernus has got a certain potential which I hope won’t be misused or wasted. That’s why I am looking forward to seeing the band live and I can’t wait for the their next step.



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